32.32-carat rare pink diamond fetches $19 million

Multinational company Diacore has acquired an exceptional 32.32-carat pink rough diamond discovered at the Williamson mine in Tanzania for $US13.8 million ($AU19.06 million).

The diamond was part of the 26,000 carats from the mine’s first tender and which was offered in Antwerp in November.

According to Nir Livnat, chairman, Diacore, “This rare masterpiece of nature is a natural fit to our unique offering as cutters and marketeers of special diamonds. [I am] looking forward to working with the team on a stellar one-of-a-kind gem.”

The stone was purchased from Petra Diamonds which operates the Williamson mine. The mine was closed in April last year in compliance with COVID-19 lockdown guidelines, with operations expected to resume during the first quarter of 2022.

Diacore has been specialising in rare colour diamonds and is known for purchasing some of the rarest stones, such as the 204.36-carat fancy intense yellow diamond called the Dancing Sun, early this year, which was reputed to be the largest polished diamond unearthed in North America.

Among the other notable purchases of the company were the 203.04-carat De Beers Millennium Star and the 59.6-carat flawless fancy vivid pink diamond called the Pink Star.


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