International Grown Diamond Association launches IGDA 2.0

The International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) has launched IGDA 2.0, which is a completely revamped version of the trade association aimed at supporting and serving the rapidly expanding lab-created diamond industry.

“IGDA 2.0 will provide focused services to support the growing number of global lab-grown diamond companies,” Dick Garard, executive director, IGDA said.

“We have an aggressive strategic plan that begins with the involvement of the entire global lab-grown diamond industry, many longtime supporters, and the welcome addition of newer, younger members.”

The event was highlighted by the launch of its new website, announcement of a new wide-ranging board of advisors, distribution of a new consumer point of sale and promotional materials, sales associates training, and a newly established network of international chapters.

Other priorities of the association include educating consumers and promoting lab-created diamonds internationally.

“Clearly consumer interest in the lab-grown diamond category is growing rapidly and globally,” Anna-Mieke Anderson, founder, and CEO of US-based lab-created diamond retailer MiaDonna, told Instore.

“In response to the consumer demand, there has been a significant increase in the number of retailers stocking the product, as well as an expansion in the number of designers and manufacturers incorporating lab-grown diamonds into jewellery styles.”

IGDA was established in 2016 as a nonprofit group to serve as the centre for education, communication, and development of the lab-created diamonds industry worldwide.

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