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Cosimo Mirarchi holding his flat nose pliers beside his worktable.

Cosimo Mirarchi holding his flat nose pliers beside his worktable.

Posted December 01, 2021 |


Cosimo Mirarchi express creativity inspired by the stories of his clients.

Cosimo Mirarchi

Works at: COSIMO, Sydney NSW

Age: 37

Years in trade: 16 years

Training: Certificate III in jewellery trade and manufacturing at Enmore Design Centre.

First job: Diamond Factory Jewellers Chatswood

Other qualifications: Bachelor of business


Hand made 18ct white gold, black and white diamond pavé encrusted cross. This piece was carefully crafted for a very special client who wanted a point of difference and to last the test of time. This cross is solid and bold, yet subtle with beautifully curved edges. Design is never compensated when making high quality handmade jewellery.

Favourite gemstone:

Pink Argyle Diamonds. They are one of rarest diamonds in the world and are sourced ethically and responsibly in Western Australia. I love how luxurious and grand it makes our clients feel when creating custom pieces.

Favourite metal:

Platinum of course! If the metal is meticulously worked with the right processes, you will have a high lustre crisp finish.

Favourite tool:

Digital calipers! I love the accuracy it gives me during manufacturing.

Best new tool discovery:

I find that I can alter my current tools for multiple uses such as using my flat nose pliers to hold the post of the earring while polishing instead of using earring holders.

Best part of job:

The best part of the job is the creative process to incorporate your clients’ vision into reality.

Worst part of job:

I love it all! The deadlines, the pressure, it’s all part of what pushes me to achieve perfection.

Best tip from a jeweller:

Always check your work before handing it over to a customer.

Best tip to a jeweller:

Don’t be afraid of learning and trying something new. All the skills I have learned are from trial and error.

Biggest health concern on the bench:

Breathing in chemicals is a big one for me. I try to use non-toxic chemicals where possible and drink plenty of water.

Love jewellery because:

I love jewellery as it gives me the chance to express my creativity that is inspired by the stories of my clients.





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