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Favourite gemstone:

Peridot, because it is a relatively inexpensive stone with beautiful brightness and variations of light green colour.

Favourite metal:

Green gold [gold and silver alloy] because it was the gold of my beginnings! It gave life when I did my castings on my early handmade floral creations, and always give me good memories.

Favourite tool:

The hydrogen torch because after a life spent working in between hazardous gases and acids, I found in this torch the beauty and the power of the hydrogen combined produces a much safer, hotter and cleaner flame. It’s even easier to set up!

Best new tool discovery:

Laser engraver because, apart from the capability to do the deepest marking, I use it in an extreme way in cutting intricate sheets of metal with a surreal precision. This powerful tool allowed me to explore new boundaries that support the kind of design that I do, which is impossible to reach just with the conventional tools.

Best part of job:

The first half an hour brainstorming with my wife about every new project that we start!

Worst part of job:

Wrapping a finished product to be delivered to the customer.

Best tip from a jeweller:

“One hundred measurements, one cut,” from my Italian jewellery schoolteacher and master jeweller Edoardo Ermini.

He wrote it on the board on the first day of class, in 1985, without explanation. Every day from then until now, I’ve lived the meaning which is ‘be extremely precise’.

Best tip to a jeweller:

Use any tool and don’t limit the way you can use them to achieve your final piece. And your brain – as my current, smart apprentice reminded me – is the most powerful tool.

Biggest health concern on the bench:

Inhaled asbestos during soldering on the board before it was banned in 1992.

Love jewellery because:

It gives me a chance to listen to what my customers want, and from there create a raw piece of flawless design where every piece of the pattern is made artistically and imaginatively unique, as I believe that my customers deserve the best.

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