New diamond marketing campaign “thanks” consumers

To collectively boost India’s jewellery export industry and commitment to sustainability, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and the Gem Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) have banded together to launch a marketing camping titled ‘Thank You, By The Way’.

The campaign, led by the government-run GJEPC, is aimed at educating and assuring consumers who demand to know the source and manufacturing processes of jewellery products, and how their purchases impact the economy and welfare of producers and affected communities.

Its aim is to thank consumers and industry alike for being a choosing a natural diamond by highlighting the ‘do good’ approach adopted by the sector. It claims that buying a natural diamond, rather than a lab-created stone, helps support more than 2 million people in India.

Industry and retail partners are also strongly encouraged to embrace and showcase the sustainability efforts of the campaign.

“In order to achieve long-term sustainability in our industry, we need to adopt a 360-degree approach,” Colin Shah, chairman, GJEPC said.

He also noted that the campaign’s aim is to highlight the contributions and roles of key players in the jewellery supply chain by “bringing the community together, touching lives and making a real difference.”

According to Richa Singh, NDC managing director for India and the Middle East, “Sustainability is not a trend but a journey for brands and for the natural diamond sector it has always been at the core of all our endeavours.”

“We want every customer to take pride in the fact that their purchase has touched lives around the world positively and thank them for being a part of the journey,” Singh explained.

The omnichannel campaign will highlight a “do good” approach and feature learning sessions on sustainability and provide insights regarding socio-economic and capability-enhancing programs for stakeholders.

The Natural Diamond Council’s mission it to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry and to inspire, educate and support consumers. It was formerly known as the Diamond Producers Association.

The campaign also has the support of the Responsible Jewellery Council.


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