Perth Mint collaborates with Argyle diamonds for new launch

The Perth Mint has launched a limited-edition commemorative coin, The Jewelled Koi, which showcases Australia’s famed Argyle Pink diamonds.

Part of the Masterpieces Series, the coin features 78 Argyle Pink diamonds and 80 fine white diamonds set in 10 ounces of 99.99 per cent pure gold.

Each coin is valued at $262,800 and the inspiration behind the use of the koi as the featured animal is its symbolism for fertility, marriage, prosperity and wealth. Only eight were produced as it is the “luckiest” number in the Chinese culture.

The coins also feature the image of Queen Elizabeth II crafted by Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark, the monetary denomination and year-date on the obverse, presented in a display case set with two additional Argyle Pinks and 18-carat gold insets.

The Jewelled Koi is the fifth annual release of The Mint’s diamond-studded exclusive jewelled coin series such as the Jewelled Phoenix, Dragon, Tiger and Horse which gained popularity and sought by enthusiasts worldwide.

According to Jane King, CEO, “The Perth Mint is proud to present The Jewelled Koi to the global luxury market and we look forward to creating even more extraordinary collectable artworks in future.

“The exquisite craftsmanship, precious materials and cultural considerations that go into every the jewelled piece makes each iteration highly sought after by numismatic connoisseurs.”

Neil Vance, general manager, The Perth Mint said, “Each jewelled coin series is a huge commitment but every year the results are just outstanding, and the koi is no different – the exceptional artistry in this series is second to none and we have no doubt the numismatic community will be just as impressed with the koi as we are.”

The jewelled series was started by The Mint in January 2018 with the Jewelled Phoenix and developed annually by Singapore-based John Glajz, an Argyle Pink Diamond authorised partner and a regional ambassador for the Natural Colour Diamond Association.





• $262,800 per coin
• Mintage of only 8
• 99.99% pure gold
• 2.52cts of Pink, white and yellow diamonds
• Australian legal tender



2021: The Jewelled HORSE Coin 

• $279,000 per coin
• Mintage of only 8
• 99.99% pure gold
• 2.76cts of Fancy Intense to Vivid Pink/ Purplish Pink diamonds
• 0.01ct golden diamonds
• Australian legal tender




2020: The Jewelled Tiger Coin 

• $259,000 per coin
• Mintage of only 8
• 18-carat rose gold
• 3-carats of intense to vivid Argyle pink diamonds
• Muzo emeralds totalling 0.01carat
• Australian legal tender




2019: The Jewelled DRAGON Coin 

• $179,000 per coin
• Mintage of only 9
• 99.99% pure gold
• 117 Argyle pink diamonds
• Australian legal tender



2018: The Jewelled PHOENIX Coin 

• $188,000 per coin
• Mintage of only 8
• 99.99% pure gold
• 1.22-carats of Argyle pink diamonds
• Australian legal tender



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